__Local Towers Join the Spirit Ride

The Spirit Ride is a nation-wide project intended to draw attention to Move-Over laws and honor the towers and first responders injured or killed while working roadside. A “Spirit” Casket is being relayed by carriers across the country, intending to arrive in Baltimore, MD during next year’s American Towman Exposition. Recently, the Ride came to Truck World in Hubbard, where C & C Towing took up their stretch of the Ride.  Remember, whenever possible, move over to leave a clear lane when passing emergency vehicles on the roadside. For more information about the Spirit Ride, visit http://atspiritride.com or https://www.facebook.com/atspiritride.

__Students Excel in TCTC’s Hospitality Program

In the junior Hospitality Program this year, we have five students who we feel deserve recognition for their outstanding work ethic and attitude. Cara Detoro, the career education coordinator, stated that “these students are super enthusiastic, very professional and take a lot of pride in what they do.”
The five students are Chelsea Learn, Taylor Mercer, Victoria Limbeck, Allison Clark, and Brittany Phillips. Three of these students are already working in the hospitality industry utilizing skills learned in lab. These students used credentials (Guest Service Gold, ServSafe, and Red Cross) from the program to get hired and/or receive a raise at their current job.
All of these students have volunteered their time to come in and help on career days, sophomore tours, 8th grade tours, the career fair and the school-wide advisory committee. They have enhanced the overall lab experience for the whole class by showing leadership and initiative at all times. These students are fine representatives of the Hospitality Program and always demonstrate the R.A.V.E. principle (respect and value everyone). We teach all students to practice the R.A.V.E. principle in the hospitality program and these five students truly exemplify this.
These five students are all actively involved in our student organization, FCCLA. They facilitate the meetings and make all the activities we do successful. We are looking forward to a great senior year with these students.  They are all goal oriented and will have successful futures.