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  • __ Local Students Return from Hennef, Germany Exchange July 20, 2016

    Students from Boardman, Fitch and Mooney, accompanied by Sieglinde and Larry Warren, exchange coordinators, recently returned from Germany where they stayed in the homes of students they had hosted this past fall. Hennef is located on the Rhine River in west Central Germany near Cologne.
    The German hosts planned many activities for their American guests. During a visit to the city of Cologne, the students climbed the 533 stairs to the observation platform of Cologne Cathedral for the magnificent view of the city. In Amsterdam, in spite of the rainy day, the group toured the city by boat as well as on foot. One of the highlights of the exchange was a rafting tour on the Rhine and an obstacle course high in the trees of Hennef.
    This is the twelfth year that the exchange with the Gesamtschule in Hennef has taken place with Boardman, Fitch and Cardinal Mooney high schools. A thirteenth exchange is planned with the same German school in November when 10-12 German students and two teachers will arrive for the Thanksgiving holiday. The goal of the exchange is to provide an opportunity for the German and Mahoning Valley students to experience each other’s culture in their homes, schools and communities.

  • __ Trumbull Democratic Party honor former member July 20, 2016

    L. to R.: Dan Polivka, Diane Alejars and Cosmo Signorello took part in a ceremony honoring Louise Rose at a recent meeting of the Trumbull Democratic Party. The plaque will be delivered to the Rose family in honor of Louise who served as a party precinct member, worked the polls and prided herself on never missing the chance to vote.

  • __ “Our Community Kitchen” presented to Struthers Rotary July 20, 2016

    The newly formed ‘Our Community Kitchen’ was introduced to the Struthers Rotary Club at its June 7th meeting by Skip Barone, the founder of the new soup kitchen.  Mr. Barone was invited by Rotarian Mary Ann Morell to describe the new facility and its goals for serving our community.  Skip is a Struthers native now residing in Lowellville who started as a volunteer with the soup kitchen of the St. Vincent DePaul society and his service evolved into a vocation that led to his eventual leading that group and a 15 year service lifetime.  His new endeavor is one that embraces and involves the entire community and serves not just the homeless but also those who just need a little bit of help in their lives.  In addition to providing hot breakfast and lunch meals and evening snacks 6 days a week (hopefully to evolve into all seven) the facility is located across from the WRTA bus garage on Mahoning Avenue and will provide a toiletries pantry and resources, including computer access, to improve the life situation of those in need.  There are many reasons individuals may seek support, from past criminal activity to grief over loss to addiction difficulties, all of which result in those who find their life situation difficult to manage.  Having access to the soup kitchen provides a bit of ‘breathing room’ and facilitates their recovery and their ability to continue their life’s journey. Some find themselves in a difficult situation as a result of a home environment where parents are not supportive or at advanced age when family and friends are no longer available or able to offer support.  After opening at the end of June, ‘Our Community Kitchen’ works with other Mahoning County assistance groups, and with the six YSU colleges there community service is being stressed as an adjunct to the educational programs. A proposed grant from YSU may be able to provide transportation to the needy that will allow opening on Sunday (which is currently excluded due to lack of bus service). More information is available by calling Skip Barone at 330-770-2224 or by e-mail at

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