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  • __ Campbell Students Shine at Friends4Friends Film Festival October 19, 2016

    The students of Campbell City Schools produced two films this year for the annual Friends4Friends Film Festival, titled “Give Him the Hint” and “Shattered.” On September 22nd at the DeYor Performing Arts Center, the students represented the community incredibly well. High School student Madeline Rosile, and Middle School student Luke Collins were each awarded best actor and actress. The Middle School team received the highest honor for Best Film, for “Give Him the Hint.”
    The film festival highlights student leadership and their willingness to address difficult topics presented to school aged students common in all districts across the county, state and nation. The students’ films have been viewed throughout the country, even internationally. Both videos can be seen on YouTube.

  • __Brookfield Emergency Drill Declared Huge Success October 19, 2016

    Brookfield Local School District, in conjunction with Brookfield Local Police and Fire Departments, held a district-wide evacuation and reunification drill on October 12.
    The drill took place in three stages. When the alarm sounded, students and staff were evacuated from the school and escorted to Tiffany’s Banquet Center, located directly across from Brookfield Schools. From there the entire school, which is approximately 1,050 students, was bussed to Yankee Lake, the schools reunification center where they waited for parents to pick them up.
    During the enactment drill, students were given calm instruction as everyone involved learned how to proceed in the event a real emergency happens. Families were notified via One-Call the morning of the drill with information on district procedures, times and the location where they could pick up their children.
    “Everyone involved learned a lot today, and the places we fell short we will now be able to address to be better prepared should a crisis take place. This is a drill we plan to do annually because the safety of our students is top priority,” said Superintendent Jo Taylor.

  • __School Bus Safety is Team Effort in Columbiana October 19, 2016

    Columbiana bus drivers taught Joshua Dixon students all about bus safety this week. School bus safety is a team effort, and the district believes it is important to reinforce the rules as often as possible.
    The drivers went over Bus Stop Safety, as well as Riding and Exiting Procedures. They demonstrated how to cross in the danger zone, and why it’s important to always watch the driver.

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