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  • __Knox Kindergarten teacher has unconventional classroom April 27, 2016

    Sarah Jones, a Kindergarten Teacher at Knox Elementary School, decided to change her classroom seating to be more developmentally appropriate for her kindergarten students.
    “I have been teaching kindergarten for several years and have found that typical chairs were difficult for a 5 year old to manage,” said Jones. “They would tip them, fall out of them, their feet would barely reach the floor and, most importantly, they physically lack the core body strength to sit in a chair and accomplish tasks at a table.”
    Jones was able to purchase several new seating items for her classroom through She shared the project with friends and family through email and Facebook, where they could make monetary donations in support.
    Thanks to their donations, she was able to purchase a table that sits low to the ground, 4 large pillows for students to sit on the floor, 6 Hokki Stools, 6 stability balls and to meet the needs of the students who like to stand while they work, she raised one of the existing tables.
    As a result of the changes, Jones found that allowing her students to have choices and giving them responsibility provided them with an outlet for their energy. Now students leave their work space less often because they are comfortable.
    “While I was hesitant at first with this concept of flexible seating in kindergarten, I have found that it has been wonderful for the students and the quality of their work.
    I am planning another project soon to add more options to our classroom,” said Jones.

  • __ 44th Season of the Salem Historical Museum Opens Sunday, May 1 April 27, 2016

    The Salem Historical Society Museum will open for the 44th season on Sunday, May 1 and each Sunday through October 30 from 1 to 4 p.m. Members are admitted free, for others, a small fee is charged.
    From the first year where six rooms were featured, the Museum has grown extensively with exhibits in over 20 rooms in the four buildings.
    The last tour begins at 3:30 with guests encouraged to come early as there is plenty to see for all members of the family. Stop and see what is new.
    Call the Museum at 330-337-8514 if you have questions.

  • __Girl Scout Troop 80638 spaghetti dinner event in Lake Milton April 27, 2016

    We are the girls of Troop 80638 from Berlin Center, Lake Milton, Lisbon, and Ellsworth.
    We have been presented with the opportunity to travel abroad to meet Girl Guides, visit world centers, and learn about other cultures.
    One of our ideas to earn money for this opportunity is to have a spaghetti dinner.
    This event will be held at the American Legion Post 737 in Lake Milton on May 22.
    Please save the date and join us!
    We will be serving 4:00-7:00. Adults $10, kids 12 and under $7.00.
    We will also be having a bake sale at this event! Buy cookies, candies, muffins, cakes, pies and bread all made by real GIRL SCOUTS!

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